Massage in Abu Dhabi Exposed!

Abu Dhabi massages continue to draw more interest each month, adding to the appeal of the famous UAE metropolis. Western comforts and a booming economy make the city an exciting and eye-opening experience for any visitor. Massage parlors cater to the high demand from visitors, and if chosen well they offer one thing that seems almost beyond reach in Abu Dhabi, a happy ending massage!

Parlors and salons scattered throughout Abu Dhabi offer professional & therapeutic massages of all varieties. If you’re interested in a Thai or Swedish massage, there are plenty of opportunities. Trained and certified masseuses are common in Abu Dhabi, making the massage options as plentiful as most western cities. If it’s an erotic massage which you seek, rest assured that they too exist in Abu Dhabi – and are probably closer to you and cheaper than you imagine.

During my first trip to Abu Dhabi (a 7 week business trip), I became frustrated and hopeless at the lack of intimacy services. I scoured the internet for escorts & visited several massage parlors seeking happy endings, finding nothing that could satisfy my desires. About that time, I met a man in our hotel lobby who would not only prove a great travel companion, he would also revolutionize my Abu Dhabi experience forever.

Who Else Wants An Abu Dhabi Body To Body Massage?

James Patterson was also a visiting businessman but unlike me, James had been visiting Abu Dhabi for years. Making several trips each year, he eventually realized that full service massage parlors must operate in the shadows in Abu Dhabi. The UAE has gone to great effort to extinguish the pleasure services industry, and for the most part has kept it below the surface. Parlors still operate though, and the delights you can find inside will rival anything you could find in even Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Amsterdam!

abu dhabi massage

These massage parlors don’t appear to be red light style or anything special, but unbeknown to UAE authorities these places have been importing girls for years to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Girls from Asia and Eastern Europe flow into these establishments, and work extremely cheap compared to what one might expect with UAE girls. The fact is, their impoverished backgrounds combined with stunning looks make these girls ideal to satisfy any man’s desires!

James took me to several such parlors, and they all operated about the same. Carefully weeding out possible authorities, the parlors closely guard their anonymity. In fact, if you didn’t know better, the parlors all look & seem like standard massage establishments, without the slightest hint of the delights waiting in the back room. Once James spoke some magic word to the madam, we were quickly whisked to some of the most incredible pleasures imaginable. In fact, after spending a couple weeks with him I tried to prolong my stay there! When I imagine the difference between my early weeks in Abu Dhabi and the delights I experienced after meeting James, I was definitely convinced of one fact: Knowledge is power in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Insider Unleashes Secrets!

With more than a little encouragement from me, James has finally authored a world’s authority guide to Abu Dhabi Massage. Not only does James reveal these underground pleasures so common but unknown in Abu Dhabi, he also tells you how to experience them like the insiders do….paying local prices and enjoying the most delightful girls possible. Inside Abu Dhabi Massage Guide, you’ll discover:

massage in abu dhabi

  • Sniff Out Abu Dhabi no-limit massages
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  • Delight in almost any Fantasy with stunning girls

Let’s face it. Abu Dhabi is a tremendous city offering top-level western comforts. But the dirty Asian women working the streets offer little satisfaction for male visitors. If you want to enjoy a higher level of companion safely and put an end to wasted hours searching for a legitimate service, James can quickly provide the guidance you need. Order his Abu Dhabi Massage Guide for only €99 Limited Time Offer! $19.99 and enjoy the delights that normally only the most savvy journeymen travelers even know about. Future updates? Anytime YOU WANT them? Only $4.99! To stop spinning your wheels in Abu Dhabi and discover ALL these delights for yourself click below now.

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Updated March 2017