Abu Dhabi Massage

UAE spas and massage centres have been in the news a lot lately, and it’s no wonder. With the local authorities holding tight control of massage centre licensing and regulations, finding a good massage in Abu Dhabi isn’t a simple task.

Abu Dhabi Massage Center offers both Swedish and Thai massage.

While many of the large hotels offer massage services in their spa facilities, the best massages are often found outside the hotels, so the most difficult part for newcomers is often remaining on the right side of the law while not compromising on the quality of their therapy session.

The history of massage in UAE goes back thousands of years, when ancient doctors practiced the art on weary soldiers returning from battle. The citizenry enjoyed a relationship with massage as well, often in the local Hammams – bath houses found in many communities even today.

Massage Center in Abu Dhabi

In choosing an appropriate massage centre in Abu Dhabi that meets your needs, it’s important to evaluate the parlour based on other users’ reviews, the service offerings & prices, and the qualifications of the therapists themselves. The long-term expatriates learn that there is a wide range of massage quality offered in UAE, and doing some homework beforehand can improve the experience drastically. While it’s beyond the scope of this article to evaluate all business hotel spas and licensed massage parlours in Abu Dhabi, there are plenty of good resources available online to compare the various treatment centers and get a snapshot of their clients’ satisfaction.

Couples massage in UAE offer a romantic experience.

Massage Dubai Services

Many times agencies located in Dubai will market to the Abu Dhabi massage clients, and offer to send “outcall” girls or “hotel masseuses” to your Abu Dhabi location. This in general should be avoided as most of the Dubai massage services aren’t licensed to practice in Abu Dhabi, not to mention the added cost of the trip added to the massage cost. There are indeed plenty of qualified therapists in Abu Dhabi so there’s simply no need to hire massage therapists in Dubai.

Shiatsu & Thai Massage in UAE

In recent years, the local interest in eastern massage techniques has exploded. More than simply therapy for tired muscles, these techniques instead focus on “meridians” throughout the body, focal points that store energy and cause dysfunctions in circulation and balance. The Thai therapists in particular enters into a partnership with the clients, using rigorous stretching techniques along with focused stimulation of meridians to release blocked energy and restore balance to the body. While these massage types aren’t what many consider relaxing, the restorative nature to one’s overall health is beyond question.

Swedish Massage in Abu Dhabi

Typically, therapists working at the larger hotel spas and licensed parlours specialize in “Swedish Massage”, a technique that involves long strokes alternated with circular stimulation for large muscle groups and joints throughout the body. The Swedish-trained therapist will use hot oils and focus the intensity on the needs of the client, creating a relaxing therapeutic experience that many prefer. The Swedish massage is the world’s most popular style, and it’s an excellent choice for those clients suffering from muscle soreness and overall fatigue.

Finding the right Abu Dhabi massage can be rewarding.

Private Massage in Abu Dhabi

Anyone spending time in Abu Dhabi will undoubtedly become familiar with street-level marketing of unlicensed “massage” therapy. Commonly a front for prostitution, the often African girls and the men who solicit for them will hand out cards, put business flyers on car windshields, and even verbally offer private massages in Abu Dhabi to passersby in the business districts. Your best bet is to simply IGNORE these advertisements, as many lead to robberies, scams, and sometimes even arrest and deportation. Massage regulations are taken quite seriously by local authorities, and the risks involved are simply too great to take such chances.

No matter which massage style you prefer, Abu Dhabi’s hotel spas and licensed parlours can provide you with a highly trained therapist. Specialized therapists working in Thai massage and Shiatsu bodywork techniques in addition to the classically trained Swedish masseuses, make Abu Dhabi an excellent place to be if you need touch therapy. Just be sure to do your homework, ask for plenty of references, and most of all – enjoy your next massage in Abu Dhabi!

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